1 Sep 2014



"Understandable, Charity~…” Lust said, nodding. "You will hear back from me as soon as I know anything, okay~?" 

With a very gentle touch, the Sin placed his hand on the Virtue’s shoulder. He squeezed her softly, trying to convey a calming gesture. "I’ll bring this back if I cannot find him~ And I certainly don’t mind being a middleman~"

The Virtue flinched at the sudden contact, but afterwards her shoulders slackened. Honestly, she had no idea what to do now— she wanted to cry, to find out while at the same time just crawl under a rock and never come out.

No wonder people say ignorance is bliss, she thought dryly.

She wasn’t sure what to say next without sounding terribly redundant, so she merely opted for a nod.

He thought about continuing with his words in an attempt to comfort her. But he could feel just how upset she was…maybe it was time to go. Without another word, Lust patted her shoulder and headed out the door.


He hadn’t been in Hell for a while…maybe six months? But going back to look for Charity’s host was a valid enough reason to head “home”. The Sin strolled through his ring, watching as his sinners were pushed and pulled by the constant and eternal winds of punishment. The smoke beneath the Sin’s skin moved with the winds, following the back-and-forth patterns at a slower pace.

Charity’s host, if he was indeed in Lust’s ring, would be under the punishment of the winds. The roaring gusts slowed and dulled around Lust as he moved past the tortured souls. Some reached for him, others hardly noticed his presence.

Would the host, Theo, recognize him as a Sin? Surely he knew of the Sins from Charity, right?

With his eyes scanning the never-ending stretches of his ring and his palms still holding the pocket watch close, Lust started searching for Charity’s host.

1 Sep 2014
Crash course! Your dad pretty much only eats dick nowadays. And Mr. Monk doesn't like that Lucifer's life consists mainly of sex and moping about.

-shrugs- That’s what Father does~ And while I suppose that falls into my line of work, I cannot be held responsible~ I don’t know how to exactly fix that~

1 Sep 2014



"The Sin of Lust, my dear~” The creature paused to extend his hand in greeting. "And you~?"

"Katt Andrews…" He examined the hand before reaching his own out to shake it. This wasn’t a side effect of any drugs or anything. Whatever this being was.. it was real.

Or just a very good disguise. He’d go with that for now. To actually be—

Katt raised a skeptical eyebrow, grinning a little smugly. “But the Sin of Lust, you say? My.. that’s and extravagant one, but Halloween isn’t for another month.”

"Quite nice to meet you, Katt Andrews~" the Sin purred before releasing the human’s hand. 

He looked around the room, glancing over each piece of furniture, every inch of wallspace. What a nice place this one had. "Hmm~? Do you think I am joking about my identity~?"

1 Sep 2014
"I had assumed you would know something. I know less about Sins than you do, I would assume." Joe shrugged.

Lust gave the other a blank stare. "I do not have a single idea of what to do for you~ I literally know nothing about your…situation~ Or my Father’s~ I don’t know what to do for you~”

31 Aug 2014
Soooooo, you're back to hating Chastity?

-shrugs- Not hating~

30 Aug 2014
"When you put it that way, it does sound strange. I care about him- a lot- and I am worried for him. And would appreciate if you could do anything at all. Perhaps I should have gone to your opposite about this."

"….What do you suggest I even do~?" Lust asked, scowling slightly at the mention of Chastity.

26 Aug 2014
"Two reasons; I wanted to see what his children did look like. He would never let me near you when I was alive, most likely for fear of me getting hurt." He twiddled his thumbs. "The other is, I am worried about him. And i do not know what you can do if anything- I really should have approached Chastity about this. But he is going down a unhealthy path in the realm of what you represent, and I am not here for much longer."

"…..Worried about him~?" Lust repeated, staring at the holy man. "….Look, look~ I’m not going to help you help my Father with his sex life~ Do you know how strange that is~? You, a man of the church, coming to me for help~ For my Father’s sexual behaviors~”

26 Aug 2014
"Lucifer? Hates being called Lucy? Tattered wings and the most beautiful eyes I have seen on a man? I know him. Despite my being a priest." He shrugged. "Your father was interested in something he could not have when we met. He followed me for days. It was unnerving."

"….." Lust shifted in his spot, the smoke churning under his skin. "…Why are you here then~?"

26 Aug 2014

archangels and their associated planets

25 Aug 2014




Sloth laughed as his brother kissed his arm, fully re-solidifying his limb and wrapping it around Lust in a hug. “Sounds good to me.” He really looked forward to this- any time relaxing with Lust unwound his nerves like little else could. He stood up from the couch with a stretch and a yawn, beaming at Lust in anticipation. Lead the way!”

Lust playfully snapped his teeth at Sloth as he was wrapped up in a hug. "Good~" he purred before tugging himself from the embrace in favor of heading to the door. He pulled it open and started down the stairs.

"Do you have any preference of genre~?" Lust asked behind him."I have horror movies by the dozen, loads of fantasy ones~…Er, some private films~…Uh, just name your genre~"

"A horror movie sounds great," he replied with a grin. "Hope you don’t mind if I skip out on the private films.” Sloth laughed and continued to follow Lust, descending the staircase after him. He could already almost feel the stress rolling off of his shoulders. 

"No, no that’s fine~" Lust said, laughing as well. He flipped on the light switch in the basement before leading the way to the entertainment area. Since Eddie had started living there, the Sin’s knowledge of technology had grown immensely. That being said, he had still ignored his host’s protests for a newer, better television set.

The CRT made a popping sound when Lust turned it on. The screen started glowing as the Sin flopped onto the floor. "Alright let’s see~…We’ve got ‘Psycho’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘The Shining’~…" He paused and glanced up at his brother. "What do you think~? Any suggestions~?" 

25 Aug 2014
Ahhh that's really good advice, thank you! Good think is I know what all that is so I don't have to embarrass myself further =n= -She'll just collapse on a chair now and sip at her daiquiri- DO you know all that from experience or do you just.. know it?

Yes, of course~ -smiles-

Hmm~? Ohh hmm~ Well, I’ve had the experience~…

-tilts his head- But you know, I think I’ve always had it~…Maybe I have always known~?

25 Aug 2014
He raised an eyebrow. "Your father. I knew him in life- he was different then. But one thing has remained the same, he will go on about his children for hours. No matter if it has been centuries." He withdrew his hand.

Lust stared at the stranger for a few moments before speaking. "…I’m not sure you know who my Father is, sir~ You wouldn’t exactly be compatible with him, if you catch my drift~” 

25 Aug 2014
"Luxuri- Lust, I presume? I am not here to exorcise you- if that is what you are thinking." He offered his hand. "My name is Brother Joseph. I have heard much of you."

"……………" The Sin stared at the offered hand for a few moments before flicking his eyes back to the stranger’s face. "………How do you know who I am~?"