23 Apr 2014
It means you're a smooch made of smoke.

Ohhhhh~ Okay I understand, I think~

23 Apr 2014
With your powers combined, it makes Captain Vice! Who may or may not have legs.


22 Apr 2014
Ur a lil' smoke smooch.

-chuckles- What does that even mean~?

22 Apr 2014
What if all of you were to merge together, would that form a new pride, or something else altogether?

You know, I’m not sure~

….Also, I’m not sure I want to know~

22 Apr 2014
When you do it with your brothers does it seem more intimate, like fitting two pieces of a puzzle together?


Well I mean, I feel something when having sex with them~ I’m not sure it is intimacy, though~…

17 Apr 2014
"Y.. Yes I suppose." He swallowed. "I- I came to.. apologize. For my.. actions in the past." He swallowed and lowered his head.

"…which actions~?" Lust asked carefully. Lucifer had been over to apologize before…had the Sin missed something he had done?

16 Apr 2014
Goats are more like boobs. They both have two vowels.

…I suppose~?

15 Apr 2014
...what's there not to understand?

…The entirty of it~?

15 Apr 2014
Baby steps- right? Lust was the.. one who seemed to hate him the least- start there, work your way up, he told himself. Lucifer knocked on Lust's door, almost timidly.

The Sin really didn’t expect visitors anytime soon…When the knocking on the door sounded through his house, he gave a concerned frown and headed for the door. Father~? What a pleasant surprise~”

15 Apr 2014
hey lust, are goats more similar to boobs or balls?

……..I don’t understand your question~

15 Apr 2014




They held onto the broom tighter as the Sin smiled— are teeth supposed to be that sharp?— and came nearer, the skin on their hands making a crackling sound. Broken fragments of white proceeded to tumble down to the ground. It wasn’t a lot, to the untrained eye but to Patience, it showed that they used a bit too mich unecessary force for their liking.

"…Just arrived here today— a few hours ago, really," they reply coolly, eyeing the skin fragments at their feet briefly before looking back to the Sin. "May I ask your name?"

"Today~! Why isn’t there a celebration for this~?" Lust purred out, eyes following the tumbling fragments to the ground. He knelt, carefully picking up the piece of the other’s skin between two fingers.

"I am Lust~” the Sin said calmly, overturning the piece in his grasp. He examined it closely before offering it back to the Virtue. "And I believe you dropped this~"

"A— a celebration?" they managed to stammer out as the glow under the cracks and crevices on their body seemed to glow brighter at the statement. "I doubt that that would be a big enough of a reason for there to be one…”

Their gaze rested briefly on the Sin’s hand and the fragment it held. The Virtue took it back carefully, afraid it’ll shatter into even smaller pieces in their touch, and tried to piece it back onto the small glowing break on their palm.

The surrounding skin slowly absorbed the edges of the fragment. It’d take quite a while before it’d be together like before, they noted.

"…Um… I’m Patience," the Virtue said belatedly. "You already introduced yourself, so I thought I should too."

"Yes of course, a celebration~" The light under the outer…shell?…of the Virtue’s body distracted Lust. He stared for a few brief moments, watching as it grew brighter, before saying, "Ohhh~?"

He was finally drawn out of his fascinated gaze by the gentle touch of Patience taking its piece back into their hand. His fascination from the glowing was soon replaced with one from the melting and mending of the Virtue’s skin.

How interesting.

"Quite nice to meet you~…How did you do that~?"

15 Apr 2014



I can certainly go check it out~

Erm, it may take a while~ My circle is quite large~….Is that fine with you~?

-she replies a bit too quickly for her own good-

Yes— I mean, that’s fine.

…Do you need some sort of picture or something to identify him…? I mean, you have no idea what he looks like and all that…

A picture would definitely help~

Do you happen to have a picture~? Or something of his, really~…